• Microsoft Reactor (map)

Join Loyal and CMYK Ventures for demos and a panel to learn how bots and brands are working together to tighten customer experience and improve the bottom line.

We'll have demos from Growbot and Twitter, and a panel with General Electric, Slack, Hipmunk, Twitter + more to discuss the challenges and opportunities of creative bot experiences for brands.

While bots might seem like a gimmick or the latest fad to some, make no mistake. The business case for bots is compelling and strong: streamlined product communications, tighter feedback loops, smartly automated support and transactions -- and, more revenue. In fact, 87% of brands reported that they're considering building a bot in 2017.*

Yet, there are so many questions to answer:

  • Why are brands investing in bots?
  • How can bot companies and brands best work together -- and monetize?
  • Is a bot a smart financial investment for company operations?
  • Will automating high-frequency, low-customization support questions increase or decrease customer happiness?
  • What platforms and resources are available?
  • How will your team train and manage a bot?
  • Who's already made a bot, and what can you learn from what's already out in the market?

*We made up this stat, but it's probably true.

6:00pm - 6:30pm –– Arrivals, Drinks & Snacks
6:30pm - 7:00pm –– Demos
7:00pm - 7:40pm –– Panel
7:40pm - 8:00pm –– Wrap & More Drinks

Thank you to our friends at Microsoft for generously hosting us. Your ticket sale will go towards the cost of drinks and snacks.