Agencies We Love

Agencies We Love

At CMYK Ventures, we often get requests from clients and friends for referrals to other agencies that cater to startups, CPGs, and innovation-minded corporations. Whether you need to design a logo or packaging, enhance your customer experience, improve your team communication, launch a new brand, build an app, or raise capital, you can likely find your next agency within the CMYK network.

We've been lucky to collaborate with over a dozen of these agencies, and are happy to facilitate intros or references upon request.




Ustwo builds digital products, services, and experiences. We’ll help you find the best, most direct and most rewarding way to build truly loved digital products and services. Working with ustwo is an essentially human experience. We invest in understanding users and in ways of working that get the most from you and your team, while delivering impact for your business. We believe the real genius is found in the collective, and we’re on a mission to help our clients launch digital products and services that have a meaningful impact on the world.

Learn more at ustwo.com

Clients and studio projects: Google, NBC, Ford, Adidas, Foursquare, Monument Valley, Moodnotes, Land's End


Sputnik Mobile is a full-service mobile development agency. We build awesome mobile apps for iOS, Android, and responsive web. Services include visual branding, design, user experience, analytics, development, quality assurance, and app maintenance.

Learn more at sputnikmobile.com

Clients: FiftyThree, about.me, Andreessen Horowitz, August, Ringly


XXIX is a modern design studio building brands, products, and experiences. XXIS is a small team that helps people make things they always wanted to make. Some might call it a design studio, creative agency, design firm, etc. but those labels don't seem to fit. Working across different media, disciplines, and industries, we've always believed that design, as opposed to merely styling, requires a range of perspectives. Our goal is to do work that is unique, from the heart, and applies good graphic design in new ways.

Learn more at www.xxix.co

Clients: AYR, Baggu, Collaborative Fund


Very designs and develops websites, apps, and new products for startups, media companies, and corporate innovation teams. Very focuses on working with companies that want to disrupt their market, fast — and beat competitors to the punch. 

Learn more at verypossible.com

Clients: Thrive Global, MyCare, Tandus, Amalgamated Bank, Swell, Changemakers


We are a design and technology studio based in Los Angeles. We help organizations and their leaders be more effective, collaborative, and relevant through creativity in two ways: 1) We design the strategy, products, tools, and experiences that answer audience and organizational ambitions. 2) We provide internal training that inspires and nurtures new skills and creative thinking so organizations can become more responsive and impactful.

Learn more at www.useallfive.com

Notable clients: Google, Spotify, Moca, Disney, Guggenheum, UCLA


Oak is an independent design-led product studio based in sunny Brooklyn, New York. We make creative products like Dropmark and Siteleaf, and work on a number of other ventures. We believe in building self-sustaining, purposeful products. We tend to build products that scratch our itch, products that we want to exist.

As users ourselves, we care deeply about the user experience and building products that last. As a team we enjoy blurring the lines of design and engineering, and encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration as much as possible.

Learn more at oak.is

Clients: Facebook, Apple, Spotify, Collaborative Fund, CreativeMornings, SVA, Tattly, Monotype, Quarterly


We are a multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers working to build and launch great products. We build, test, iterate, and ship code continuously.

Learn more at planetary.io

Clients: Quartz, GE Ventures, The Daily Beast, American Express, Google.org, Pepsi


Midnight is a brand strategy and design firm in New York City. We ask provocative questions that unlock new ways of seeing the world for companies seeking growth.

Learn more at gomidnight.com

Clients: Shoptiques, Human, Finder, Pager




Industry Standard is a branding, design, and creative direction studio.

Learn more here.

Clients: A major pop star and her new record label, a visionary NYC-based real estate developer, a media company that reaches 88 million households, and more.


High Tide, based in Dumbo, is led by creative director Danny Miller and managing director Jill Cole. Spanning creative, technological, strategic and management fields, the High Tide team provides an eclectic balance of right and left-brains. Coming from various professional backgrounds in branding, fine art, design, and fashion, we share a passion for creating beautiful and evocative brands that impact today and shape tomorrow.

Learn more at hightidenyc.com

Clients: Warby Parker, Heineken, Paperless Post, Nike, Lola, Brilliant, Casper, Dig Inn


Bullish is an Accelerator Agency designed for businesses living early in an S-curve. Born out of Consigliere Brand Capital, we are one part Strategic Creative Agency, one part Consumer Investment Firm that deploys capabilities from both worlds to help brands speed the transformation of opportunities into outcomes.

Learn more at www.bullish.co

Clients or Investments: Aloha, Chloe + Isabel, GoDaddy, Kiwi Crate, Matchabar, Peloton, Primary, Warby Parker


Box Clever is an award-winning design, branding, and product innovation agency. The Box Clever team works with large and small companies alike on a wide range of projects including brand experiences, technology, furniture, lighting and more.

Learn more at bxclvr.com

Clients: Away, Nixon, Knoll, Pearl, Gate, Nebia, Google, Logitech


Based in New York City, CROSBY is a referral-only collective of designers, developers, storytellers & business strategists, who love to build brands. We make the small things matter and the big things matter even more.

Learn more at crosby.us


We believe that the last thing you should struggle with is the creation of a logo, presentation or marketing strategy. We remove that stress — solve it intelligently, long term — so you can focus on your business goals, with the vehicles that drive you from where you are today. To where you want to be tomorrow.

Learn more at www.lost-luggage.com




Hyperakt is a social impact design agency. We work with progressive organizations and enterprises to create brands and digital experiences that embody optimism, integrity, dignity and innovation. Our clients are leading humanitarian and philanthropic organizations, think tanks, universities, government agencies, tech innovators and social enterprises who tackle the toughest challenges of our time and champion those who have been left behind.

Learn more at hyperakt.com

Clients: Google, ACLU, National Endowment for the Arts, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Unicef, Ford Foundation, Girl Scouts 


Always With Honor is a Portland, Oregon-based design, branding and illustration studio founded by Tyler and Elsa Lang. We believe in the power of visual systems, examined through icon sets, brand identities, signage, and illustration. We place value in sharp and clear messaging that maintains a level of warmth and personality.

Learn more at www.alwayswithhonor.com

Clients: Airbnb, Chronicle, Dell, Delta, ESPN, Facebook, Girl Scouts, GOOD, Microsoft, Monocle, MTV, The New York Times, Nike, Toyota


Ghostly Ferns is a group of friends who typically make things individually but shine when we make things together.

Learn more at www.ghostlyferns.com

Clients: Slack, Neighborly, Condé Nast Digital




Ammunition is a design studio dedicated to bringing products and services that matter to market. Founded in 2007, Ammunition is led by partners Robert Brunner, Matt Rolandson, and Brett Wickens. Our diverse team combines expertise in physical and digital product design, service design, brand identity, user experience, graphic design and packaging. We work across disciplines to transform great ideas into experiences that create an emotional connection with customers and achieve business success for our clients.

Learn more at ammunitiongroup.com

Clients: Adobe, Beats by Dr. Dre, Citibank, Dell, Earnest, Intel, Kenmore, Kohler, Lark, Lyft, Mesosphere, Microsoft, Polaroid, Skype, Square, Williams-Sonoma


Business goals should motivate design. The product must constantly evolve based on analytics, user feedback, and shifting short-term objectives. We help our startup clients to set a strong branding and design framework early on. Your future team members can continue designing a consistent product, avoiding expensive design pivots and fundamental changes later.

Learn more at www.ramotion.com

Clients: Tile, Lily, June, Osmo, Xero, Adobe, App Annie, Clef, Truebill, CafeX


We create products that inspire. We are an interactive product studio dedicated to the craft of digital. We conceive, design, and build intelligent software. We’re passionate about building the future. From startups to Fortune 500 companies to sitting presidents, we’ve found our calling combining smart design with cutting-edge technology.

Learn more at www.thirteen23.com

Clients: Honeywell, Bose, Microsoft, Capital One, Netflix, Obama for America


Makewell is an independent design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. Makewell collaborates closely with clients to understand their goals, help them find their voices and effectively tell their stories. We believe that the key to good design and communication is keeping the message simple yet compelling. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow and improve their business through powerful visual communication that stands out. We creatively solve communication challenges, giving clients authentic, memorable identities and positioning them to succeed.

We are a team of designers and problem solvers who are impassioned advocates for our clients’ brands. We strive to build and maintain lasting partnerships. Our work is the product of these strong relationships.

Learn more at www.makewellmade.com

Clients: Napoleon, Minna Life, Big Box Farms, Charity: Water, Garden Creamery Sorbets




Wild Combination is a full service creative studio based in Brooklyn founded by Jacob Krupnick. WC makes videos, feature films, and photographs for ideas and companies we believe in. 

Learn more at wildcombination.com

Clients: Dove, Converse, Brooks Brothers, Tinybop, Brilliant, goTenna


JaegerSloan Studio is a brand studio with roots in culture, innovation and business. We help leadership teams use modern approaches to define and realize an organization's vision through communication strategy, design and storytelling.

Learn more at jaegersloan.com

Clients: American Express, Bloomberg, Google, MakeSpace, Plated, Samsung, Squarespace, Stowaway


m ss ng p eces is the new wave production and entertainment company inspired by the limitless potential of storytelling and technology. We provide production and creative services to likeminded collaborators. Since 2005, we’ve hand-crafted stories and experiences that celebrate the human spirit, innovation, art and culture. We create original content and commercials across all mediums with some of the best storytellers in the world, supported by an extraordinary network of production and post-production talent.

Learn more at mssngpeces.com

Clients: Honest, Clean & Clear, INstagran, Google, Sonos, Adidas, Kashi, Ford, IBM, Starbucks, JetBlue


HAWRAF is a design studio in New York, New York. They are designers, writers, strategists, and technologists specializing in authentic, meaningful interactions.

Learn more at hawraf.com 


Visual Country is a full service creative video production agency specializing in creating micro video content for social media and TV.

Learn more at visualcountry.com

Clients: Quaker, Taco Bell, Twitter, Soul Cycle, Clinique, Heinz, Nestle, Burt's Bees, Coach, Kmart, Netflix, Sephora, Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft


Variable Labs creates virtual reality (VR) software and content for head-mounted displays such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, GearVR, and Google Daydream View. Our immersive VR experiences foster empathy, develop soft skills, and change behavior. Our technologies and storytelling capabilities provide deep immersion, engrossing presence, and lasting benefits for users.

Learn more at variablelabs.com


We’re a design studio in beautiful Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. Our special eyes specialize in creating visuals for any endeavor needing a fresh gaze.

Learn more at www.takeagander.com

Clients: NEA, Perfect Day, Thing of Wonder, Banza, Bower




Luminary Labs develops strategies and innovation systems to help Fortune 500, government, and nonprofit organizations thrive in the face of change.

Learn more at luminary-labs.com

Clients: Janssen, Merck & Co, NASA, Pfizer, Planned Parenthood, U.S. FDA


MACHINE is a strategy and innovation company that helps its clients Think Big and Act Small. MACHINE helps companies big and small to grow by conceiving and designing new ventures, services, and products using the best approaches from design, business, and ventures.

Learn more at machine.io


Loyal, based in New York, is a strategic partner that helps you to put people at the center of your work. We specialize in communities, networks and customer experience. Our work creates deeper customer relationships to help you innovate and grow – smarter and faster. Learn more at loyal.is

Clients: GE, Justworks, NYU, National Geographic


At west, we work with companies to create brand new markets and disrupt existing ones in ways never imagined. If product accelerators help companies go from concept to product, we help companies go from product all the way into people’s lives. Over the last five years, we’ve worked with dozens of companies at every stage of growth, across every sector, and we’ve met hundreds of founders and their teams. Along the way we’ve learned that if you want to invest in human ingenuity, listen for the entrepreneurs who start the conversation with “What if?”

Learn more at www.west-sf.com

Clients: Twitter, Prelude, Earnest, Impossible Foods, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy


At Radish, we design smart solutions to unique problems. Our social impact clients demand something different. From helping you plan projects to designing, developing, storyboarding, writing, and supporting the products we build, Radish is committed to creating measurable, positive impact through our creative work. 

Learn more at radishlab.com

Clients: The New School, Eventbrite, Etsy.org, Climate Central, The American Museum of Natural History




High performance operations is the art of optimizing your business as a whole -- across functional, geographic, and political lines -- instead of perfecting narrowly-scoped processes that can make your business less efficient upstream or down. At AK & Partners, we help you think cross-functionally in a way that gets things done while bringing everyone's best to the table.

We work with product- or tech-focused companies whose rapid growth has started to strain their current operational capabilities and infrastructure. Depending on your needs, we can act as either strategic advisers or roll our sleeves up to help with the heavy lifting.

Learn more at akpartners.co

Clients: Flex, Sabah, Breather, Brilliant


Unstructured Ventures is a startup advisory studio, focusing on financial models, metrics, and growth analytics. Through Foresight, we work with entrepreneurs and investors to help build analytical, operationally-focused and metric-driven financial models for business planning and fundraising. Started by Taylor Davidson - entrepreneur, ex-venture capitalist, ex-strategy consultant, and ex-private equity - Foresight's models and custom solutions have been used by over 18K entrepreneurs worldwide since 2008.

Learn more at unstructuredventures.com




NOBL is an organizational design firm. We unleash the potential of leaders, teams, and their cultures. We work with teams and organizations at two stages: large organizations that want to overcome the communication and collaboration challenges of scale, and rapidly growing startups that want to preserve key elements of their culture as they exponentially scale.

Learn more at nobl.io


Organizational culture can develop both organically and with intentionality. Making diversity and inclusive an integral part of that evolution, requires organizations to be introspective, leading these efforts with inclusion as a part of its business strategy. Whether at the infancy of developing a D&I strategy or seeking ways to expand or implement an inclusion plan…. We can help! 

Tech Inclusion consulting services provide leaders an opportunity to identify areas for improvement, gain perspective on benefits of creating inclusive ecosystems and track benchmarks against D&I goals. Consultants assist in creating a customized framework for recruiting, retaining and promoting underrepresented groups. By understanding how diversity also benefits innovation, inclusion is not only a should have, it’s a must have in this fast changing global marketplace.

Learn more at changecatalyst.co




Ellephant manages communications, stories, media relations, partnerships, and inclusion for brands and startups. 

Learn more at ellephantmedia.com


We named our company eponymously because our whole M.O. is championing a personal approach to public relations. We've never mass BCC'd reporters. We don't issue press releases. We've only ever used a wire once when we were forced to by pirates. Just kidding.

What do we do? We pull out the most compelling stories from our clients - from uncovering noteworthy trends in their user data to compiling areas of unique thought leadership. Then, we curate the right reporter to work with on the story at hand.

Learn more at www.smallgirlspr.com

Clients: L'Oréal, GE, Google, Rent the Runway, TaskRabbit, theSkimm, MNDFL, Sweetgreen, Urban Decay


We're a PR agency build for high growth brands, apps and platforms that embrace their rebellious side. 

Learn more at www.astrskpr.com

Clients: Moo, VSCO, Squarespace, Aaptiv, Managed by Q, Frank & Oak, ClassPass, Havenly, Jewelbots